These words lay the groundwork for everything we do. With over 100 years of combined experience in the surety industry, our commitment to establishing and cultivating strong relationships fuels our clients’ success.

As a bond-only agency specializing in providing surety bonds for the construction and manufacturing industry, we understand the demands, challenges and rewards of today’s marketplace. We represent over 15 respected surety companies. Each company is A-rated or better by AM Best and T-Listed by the US Department of the Treasury.

Our business philosophy means that we look at more than our clients’ short term needs. We assess and evaluate our clients’ overall business strategy, leveraging fundamental relationships within the surety markets as well as in the fields of accounting, banking, legal and claim situations. Our proven track record reflects both our sound decision making and our respected reputation in the surety field.


Our respected standing in the US Surety Market is built on maintaining strong and steadfast relationships. We have a history of delivering results. These relationships are grounded in meaningful partnerships; both with you, our client, and with the elite surety organizations we represent. We take our role in these partnerships seriously. It is the foundation of our character; driving every business decision we make, allowing us to act responsibly and soundly with your best interest first and foremost.

Our reputation has earned us the unique and prestigious status of in-house underwriting authority. Throughout the United States, very few agencies have earned this highly regarded distinction. In-house underwriting affords our clients many distinct benefits, otherwise difficult to attain in the surety industry. With our established track record on your side, we are partners you can depend on.


The bonding process moves quickly, with frequent, last minute changes in bidding requirements. Your ability to rapidly acquire a bond and submit your bid may make the difference in obtaining a contract. While other firms are awaiting third party bond approval, we provide a streamlined process. We are able to make on-the-spot decisions for our clients. No third party is involved, providing you with significant underwriting power and instant decisions  to secure  your project.


Since our earliest days, we have recognized that our ability to quickly and efficiently service your needs is tied to the degree of automation within our agency – as a result, our staff leverage a suite of very specialized and highly integrated and automated agency management and bond production tools to quickly and efficiently service your requests.

At Shorewest Surety Services, Inc., we have recognized that technological advances are a true Value Added component to servicing your needs. Our bond execution software, which includes Surety 2000 and Erlon Surety, revolutionizes the bond process. It allows us to provide meaningful data summaries regarding our clients’ financial and bid performance.

Meet The Team


Thomas Chambers

Surety bond agent

Todd Schaap

Surety Bond Agent

Dan Gibson

Surety bond agent

Eric Olson

surety bond agent

paul jacobsen - shorewest surety

Paul Jacobsen

Surety bond agent

Paul Salb

surety bond agent


Heather Chambers

Accounting Manager


Kim Rasch

Bond Account Manager

Jackie Sheldon

Bond Account Manager

Megan Otto

Bond Account Manager

The Story 

of our Barn


Story of the Barn

The Story of our Barn

Beyond the technical aspects of the surety business lies the essence of our agency and our personal beliefs.

It may be best told through… The Story of the Barn.

The barn is a classic American icon of functional beauty. However, its beauty goes beyond its marvelous craftsmanship. The soul of its beauty dwells in how it was built: not by formal contracts and reams of paperwork, but rather by a group of close friends and associates.

 The dream of our barn was realized after an extensive search for the right foundation and footprint. Our barn is over 100 years old, and old world craftsmanship is evident throughout. The process used in restoring this historical building took a very functional, abused barn and turned it into a modern office facility through the assistance of our close friends and associates, much like when it was originally built. Our business model closely resembles the building of the barn, and that our belief that partnership is a core component of a strong foundation.