Builder Bonding Home Builders and Subdivision Developers

Builder Bonding – Home Builders and Subdivision Developers

Shorewest Surety Services, Inc. is taking a fresh approach to best meet the Subdivision Bonding needs of quality builders and developers. This program, which we call “Optimized Builder Bonding“, is tailored to best meet your Capacity, Cost and Convenience needs. Here’s a short summary of how it works:


We presume that you already have a solid, valuable relationship with a surety. Perhaps they have even met your every need to date. However, with all the turbulence recently in the insurance and surety industry, it’s just too risky for your business to rely on a single surety. Like us, we’re sure you have a story or two of a builder you know who has really had to scramble because their surety “decided they didn’t want to be writing that type of risk in the future.” Our program assembles a team of sureties on your behalf, each underwriting specific projects on your behalf and each staying familiar with you and your firm – an approach our customers find is a superior way to deliver the capacity they need today and as they grow.


Of course we work to secure you competitive rates for your bonds, but there is more to your total cost than rates. We make sure that you are purchasing the correct bond duration, and in many cases can even set up tailored programs and unique work down provisions matched to your specific needs that lower your total cost of surety.


This is the area we are very excited about. We are offering industry standard-setting tools available to you over an internet connection and browser that revolutionize ease of use, control and oversight, and convenience. How would you like your staff to be able to request bonds over the internet, 24-7? Secure instantaneous approval? Issue bonds right in your own offices? Tailor the request control, approval, and notification processes to meet your specific business needs? View in real time and online your bond history information and current exposure reports? Choose from a range of invoicing options, from activity-triggered to bi-monthly to monthly – all with detailed activity listings? We’d like to show you how our customers are doing all of this and more, today – all backed by an experienced, professional account support team.

Following our initial contact, one of our licensed representatives will:

  • Sit down with you face-to-face to meet you and understand the heritage of your business
  • Identify and clearly define your specific objectives for your bonding program
  • Work closely with you and key staff at your firm to assemble a complete profile of your business

Once all appropriate underwriting materials have been gathered, our staff will develop a shared-surety plan in tune with your immediate and longer-term projections, negotiate the specific terms of your bonding line with each of the participating sureties, and finally convey to you the terms of your composite bonding line, as well as review with you the flow of information which is expected of you to keep your bonding line current.

If you elect to participate in our internet-enabled bonding program, and we strongly encourage you to do so, our support staff will work closely with your team to develop and execute a custom implementation project plan. This plan will aid your team in revising and streamlining your internal procedures to best leverage this powerful capability, and assure that all the bond forms and reports of interest to your firm are available. It will also assure all your expectations and policies regarding approvals, notifications, billing, and reporting are fully met.

Once your program is established, our professional office team will service your routine bonding needs with precision using one of the most advanced, comprehensive, and integrated bond agency management systems in existence today. On an ongoing basis, our licensed representative will sit down with you face-to-face to discuss your evolving needs and business circumstances. And of course, we will keep you apprised of any important developments with your sureties and the bonding marketplace in general.

Whether you are interacting with senior management, one of our licensed representatives, or our office staff and underwriters, you will be in the hands of an experienced service-oriented individual who is familiar with the construction industry and who has your best interests at heart.



Speak with one of our surety professionals today. We handle all our underwriting in-house so we can move quickly. Email us now and hear back in one hour. Or give us a call 1-800-264-1634.