The Story of The Barn

Beyond the technical aspects of the surety business lies the essence of our agency and our personal beliefs. It may be best told through… The Story of the Barn.

The barn is a classic American icon of functional beauty. However, its beauty goes beyond its marvelous craftsmanship. The soul of its beauty dwells in how it was built: not by formal contracts and reams of paperwork, but rather by a group of close friends and associates.


The dream of our barn was realized after an extensive search for the right foundation and footprint. Our barn is over 100 years old, and old world craftsmanship is evident throughout. The process used in restoring this historical building took a very functional, abused barn and turned it into a modern office facility through the assistance of our close friends and associates, much like when it was originally built. Our business model closely resembles the building of the barn, and that our belief that partnership is a core component of a strong foundation.

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